And Then She Changed Her Mind…

The road to adoption was not an easy one for Chris and me.

It was paved with loss and heartache, but we could have never imagined our story being anywhere close to as amazing as what God wrote for us.

We made the decision to pursue adoption at the beginning of April 2014. At that point, we began the process of fingerprint checks, seminar, and home study.

One day at the end of July as our caseworker was finalizing our home study we received a call. We were told that a birthmother had come in, and we seemed like a good match. We were asked if our profile could be shown, and of course, we said yes.

A couple of days later we received a call that the birth mother liked our profile and wanted to meet us. We went in to meet her and hit it off immediately. She chose us to be the parents for her baby. Our sweet baby boy was to be born 2 weeks later. We hurriedly put together a nursery for our precious boy and were so excited to welcome him to the world.

The birthmother’s due date came and went and still no baby, so she was scheduled to be induced on August 12, 2014. Chris and I both took the day off and waited anxiously to receive the call that our baby had come into the world. At 6 p.m. we received a text from our caseworker and our hearts sunk.


The birth mother changed her mind.

We were heartbroken. After we lost the baby we decided to take a few weeks to grieve our loss and process everything that had happened to lead us to this point. After a few weeks, we decided to reactivate our profile and see what God had in store.

On September 9, Chris and I received a call that a birthmother who was due in mid-October would be coming in later that week and the agency wanted to know if they could show our profile to her. Of course, we agreed.

On Friday, September 15, exactly one month to the day since we had lost our baby boy, we received a call that we were chosen to be the parents to a sweet baby. We were told that the baby would not be due in mid-October as previously anticipated but would be coming that Monday. We were told to be at the hospital at 6:30 a.m. on Monday and that we would find out when the baby was born whether it was a boy or a girl. We were so excited!

The morning of September 15 we arrived at the hospital and the doctor came into our room and asked if I would like to be in the room for our baby’s birth. Of course, I said yes! I was able to be in the room when our sweet baby boy, Jack, was born, and I got to be the first to hold our sweet boy.


There was an immediate, undeniable connection.

When Jack was placed in the incubator I reached down to touch him and he immediately grabbed a hold of my finger and did not let go. My heart melted—the feeling I had in that moment is completely indescribable, but I knew right then that I would never be the same.

Chris met us in the nursery and met our precious baby for the first time. We knew then that the heartache that we had been through all led to this moment, and it was perfect. Our family was complete. Chris and I were complete. God worked every detail down to the very last one.


I have never felt God’s presence so completely and strongly as I did through this process.

Before we left the hospital, Jack’s birth mother decided that she wanted to meet us.

In talking with her we saw even more sprinklings of God’s workings. I could feel healing and comfort sweep over all of us as we talked and found more things that God had worked His way in—down to the smallest of details.



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