Providing Hope to Families, One Home at a Time

Renand, Francoise, and their family stand smiling outside their new home.

Every day in Haiti,

more than half of the population is living in poverty and cannot afford the security and safety of a sturdy home. Many homes are made of sticks and tin, providing little protection from the elements and other threats. On top of this, finding stable employment is incredibly difficult, and when men cannot find work, they often leave their families due to shame. High unemployment, broken families, political unrest, and natural disasters perpetuate the cycle. 

In Haiti, Lifesong partners with Welcome Home Haiti to help preserve families and prevent orphans. We believe everyone deserves a livable home.

By partnering with generous individuals in the U.S., the local church in Haiti, and Haitian contractors, we can provide safe, secure, and sanitary housing for the most vulnerable families. Building homes provides consistent living-wage jobs, making financial security possible for Haitian families. Those who are employed receive mentorship and discipleship to become Godly husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, church leaders, employees, and brothers and sisters in Christ. 

When Welcome Home Haiti began in the spring of 2010, our goal was to build one home per year for a Haitian family. However, God’s plan is much larger, and today, we are building four houses per month. We are nearing 200 homes completed! 

In addition to the homes we build, we employ over 125 men and women. 

Masons build compressed-earth blocks for Welcome Home Haiti homes.
Over 125 men and women in Haiti are employed because of Welcome Home Haiti.

A new home in Haiti radically changes a family’s life.

Renand and his wife, Francoise, have three children. They depended on a small garden and a few animals for their entire livelihood and were struggling. They were active in the church and trusted God would keep them safe, but they never felt secure in their home. 

In Renand’s words—

“The house I had before Welcome Home Haiti was not good. It was a small house that my wife and I made ourselves. When it rained, we would get wet and we were always scared because we knew an earthquake or hurricane would destroy us. We couldn’t keep out rats or snakes.”

Today, Renand’s family has the safety of a compressed-earth block home, built by Welcome Home Haiti. He can provide for his family, because he works with Welcome Home Haiti as a groundskeeper. Renand still has a small garden for his family, but now, he can afford to send his children to school, has dreams for their future, and prays for God to continue to help them in their academics. 

Renand and Francoise’s old house.
Renand and Francoise’s new house.

Renand shared—

“I can’t begin to explain what it would be like if we didn’t have Welcome Home Haiti in our lives or in our community. It’s not just our community, but many communities have benefited. So many families have been delivered from a terrible way of living. I have seen them blessed beyond what they could imagine, and the community has areas that have completely changed. My hope is that it continues throughout all of Haiti.

Renand’s family is just one of the hundreds of families that have been impacted by Welcome Home Haiti. As we look ahead, we need your support to continue blessing families with homes and employment in Haiti. Each home costs $20,000 to build and furnish. In order to build four homes each month through the second half of 2023, we need to raise $480,000.  

Now through June 30, 2023, all gifts to Welcome Home Haiti will be MATCHED up to $100,000! This means every gift of $100 becomes $200, $500 becomes $1,000, $10,000 becomes $20,000—effectively completing one home. 

Double Your Impact Now through June 30, 2023 gifts are matched up to $100,000!

Please join us and give today to provide hope to Haitian families—one home at a time.

Will you give to help build homes for vulnerable families in Haiti?

Welcome Home Haiti is an approved ministry of Lifesong for Orphans, so 100% of your gift will go directly to building homes, providing jobs, and mentoring families with holistic, Gospel-centered care. Thanks to TMG Foundation and key partners, fundraising and administrative costs are already covered.