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It Was Instant Love

Love at first sight. It’s the stuff of fairy tales and romantic comedies… right? Believe in it or not, nearly all parents talk about this feeling. When their son or daughter is born, many birth parents mention the instant love …

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Reaching the Fatherless Among the Unreached

There are orphans in every country and every people group around the world. The fatherless are in our communities, and the fatherless are often among the unreached.   Who are the unreached? According to the Joshua Project, an unreached people …

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The Orphan & the Widow

Those involved in orphan care and adoption often quote James 1:27– “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by …

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How to Reach Orphans This Summer

Memorial Day is summer’s starting gun– signaling the beginning of sun-filled days, neighborhood cookouts, and (inevitably) your family’s busy to-do list. If we aren’t intentional, this season can come and go like a flash and leave us in its wake …

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Food, Friends, & Fundraising | Chef’s Table

On May 14, nine of Central Illinois’ top chefs gathered at The Cannery in Eureka, IL for Chef’s Table­–an exclusive tasting event hosted by and benefitting Lifesong for Orphans. The event raised over $195,000 to help orphans become sons and …

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More Than a Commandment

Awareness leads to action. Discovery leads to doing. Once Ronald and Tonya became aware of China’s one-child policy, they felt moved to someday take action and adopt a little girl from China. Years later, when they discovered The Bamboo Project …

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“You Picked Me!”

Adoption is a beautiful picture of the Gospel. We were lost and God found us. We were orphaned and He gave us a home. Adopting families often realize these parallels in the most profound ways. Courtney and Trey, a family …

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Reached from Outside Their Walls

Every truth, promise, and commisison from God’s Word applies to each member of His Church. So it comes as no surprise that, even when they don’t know each other, believers across the world support one another for God’s cause. When …

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7 of God’s Promises to Pray Over the Fatherless

Prayer is foundational to the work of caring for orphans and vulnerable children. But even with the deep impact prayer has on our lives and the world around us, we sometimes find ourselves at a loss for words. Our prayer …

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Their Church’s Support & a Debt-Free Adoption

We believe the Church is the solution to orphans’ needs. So when a family in a local church body adopts, it not only demands prayer and sacrifice from that family but from their church, as well. With a little encouragement …

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