July 20-27 Lifesong Mission Trip to Haiti



• Develop future leaders that will change the nation of Haiti for Christ

• Grow Christ-centered loving, financially responsible families

• Provide transitional living for our graduates to ease them into independence

• Create employment opportunities for our graduates


Where Will We Go?

Lifesong – MBO in Bercy, Haiti about 45 min from Port-au-Prince. Your team will stay at our safe guest house which is a sustaining business on the campus.

What Will we do?

You’ll serve alongside Lifesong staff to minister through:

  • Construction Projects
  • Medical Clinics
  • Soccer/Sports Camps
  • Community Outreach
  • Kids & Teen Ministry
  • Church Planting Support

Who Can Come?

Our trips are ideal for individuals, groups, and families. Every skill level is welcome and can be used for the Glory of God. If you have professional skillsets in Medical, Construction, Electric/Plumbing, Education, specific ministry opportunities can be organized in advance.

How much does it Cost?

$700/per person + Airfare (*$750 estimate only for airfare)

  • (7) nights of lodging in double occupancy hotel style rooms
  • All transportation within Haiti
  • Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner while staying at our guest house
  • A day of recreation


Informational Meetings

Please join one preview meeting prior to signing up.

  • Preview Meetings March 11 @ 12:00pmCST or March 25 @ 4:00pmCST
  • 1st Team Meeting TBD
  • 2nd Team Meeting TBD
  • Final Pre-Trip Meeting TBD
  • Post-Trip Meeting TBD
Payment Plan
  2. DUE April 20, 2019 – $400 SECOND PAYMENT
  3. DUE May 20, 2019 – $400 THIRD PAYMENT
  4. DUE June 20, 2019 – $400 FINAL BALANCE DUE

*You are welcome to arrange your airfare as long as you arrive on the same flight as the team into PAP

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to bring a team to Haiti?

Lifesong – MBO makes our guest’s health and safety a top priority. Safety is always a primary consideration. Because of our missionaries experience and knowledge of Haiti and their surroundings, all precautions and details have been put in place for your safety and health.  Our long-term commitment and involvement within the community have developed many close relationships with the locals. The community is familiar with Lifesong and we’ve worked hard to earn their trust and respect. We have employed drivers that will be driving you as well we have hired local men from the community that are our security and our property is completely fenced with 24-hour security.

Our guest house and restaurant were built with you in mind. We take great care in training our kitchen staff to prepare safe and healthy meals. As much clean water as you need is supplied.

On the first night of the trip, our staff will host an orientation meeting that will help you be safe and healthy for the duration of your trip. Please feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

What vaccinations are needed?

Lifesong recommends you talk with your doctor and read the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations.  www.cdc.gov

What ages can come to Lifesong – MBO?

This varies depending on who will be with them. We have had some successful family groups with younger children. However, we recommend children be at least 10 and older with parents. For those coming with a youth group or mission team, we would ask they be at least 15.

Are background Checks required?

Background checks are required for anyone over 18.

What denomination is Lifesong – MBO affiliated with?

Lifesong is a para-church organization. We are not affiliated with a specific denomination. Please read our Statement of Faith to learn more.


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