The Need to Care for Orphans in Ukraine is Greater Than Ever

The Need to Care for Orphans in Ukraine is Greater Than Ever

This year marks two years since Russia invaded Ukraine. Since then, thousands of soldiers and civilians—including children—have lost their lives. Many children have lost one or both of their parents, leaving them orphaned and extremely vulnerable. While the front line hasn’t dramatically changed, airstrikes continue to be a concern.

Since 2022, the number of orphaned and vulnerable children we serve in Ukraine and Poland has doubled. Our team has grown to include 177 staff members and 432 volunteers, including mentors, psychologists, teachers, and job-skill trainers. They provide personalized care to 5,900 children on a daily basis. Our team continues to serve orphaned and vulnerable children at 18 new Day Centers since the start of the war. In 2023, children learned about Jesus at 62 Christian camps. Our team in Poland serves orphans at Day Centers, safe homes, and the Integration Center.

Lifesong Farms is also growing. The farms provided $300,000 in profit for the ministry, and together, the farms exported 651,697 pounds of blueberries to Spanish supermarkets. Farm 1 had its most fruitful year ever.

My prayer is for people in Ukraine to be known not only for their resilience fighting but for turning their hearts to Jesus, and to the orphans and families in need.”

—Denis, Lifesong Ukraine & Poland Director

This year, our team plans to complete the next phase of building and providing care at the new Trauma Care Center in Western Ukraine. Here, orphaned and vulnerable children are able to live in a safe and supportive environment where they can heal from the trauma of war by participating in physical and emotional rehabilitation programs, Gospel-centered trauma treatments, and retreats. We want to make trauma-informed care available to orphans, vulnerable families, and ministry leaders in Ukraine and Poland experiencing the physical and emotional devastation of war.

We also aim to provide deeper impact for orphaned and vulnerable children and at-risk families in Ukraine through:

  • Day Centers. This is equivalent to our Constant Christian Presence (CCP) in State-run institutions in Chernigiv and Kharkiv.
  • Christian Camps. We’d like to expand our camp program and safe housing space for Western Ukraine and Poland ministry development to reach kids and families from the community.
  • Holistic Support. Working closely with local churches, we continue offering housing, transportation, online/offline education, after-school development, sports, emotional support, and mentorship.
  • Indigenous Adoption in Ukraine. As the number of orphans in Ukraine continues to grow, our team is equipping Ukrainian families to adopt through mentorship and education. One Ukrainian family with two biological children recently adopted five more children because of the war.

Watch stories of how God is working through His people in Ukraine.

Together—at this critical time in Ukraine’s history—we continue to expand on the work God has been doing through you in Ukraine for the past 20 years.

Will you give to support orphans who have been affected by the trauma of war in Ukraine and Poland today?

Now through June 30, 2024, your gifts to Ukraine are being matched up to $250,000—meaning your impact goes twice as far!

As always, 100% of your gift will go directly to helping orphaned and vulnerable children. Thanks to TMG Foundation and key partners, fundraising and administrative costs are already covered.