The Big Hike: Putting Feet to Faith

The BIG Hike Cover

Terry Smathers, like you, is an adoption advocate.

In recent years God impressed on his heart to do more for the fatherless and vulnerable. Terry always dreamed of hiking the Appalachian Trail, the narrow 2,190-mile route that runs from Georgia to Maine. For years he envisioned taking the 5 million steps with his bed and shelter on his back, his only companion his Heavenly Father, and his only distraction the extraordinary terrain. On February 29, 2016, Terry got his wish and started out on his journey.

But that’s not all. Because God was impressing Terry to care more about the plight of the orphan and the vulnerable, Terry decided to hike with a cause.

God has recently turned my heart to His love and compassion for the millions of orphans in this world … most of all, they need to have the safety and trust that can really only come from finding their ‘forever family’ through the ministry of adoption. Because of this need, I’m excited to use this challenge of a lifetime to promote the ministry of Lifesong for Orphans.

Terry took the trail name “Homeward,” both to signify his desire to see orphans find forever families and to identify himself as a child of God whose time on earth is really only a trek toward Heaven. “Homeward” has been diligently recording updates and photos along his journey. He has already met incredible fellow hikers and shared his heart for adoption with sojourners whose paths he has crossed in the sovereign plan of God. He just finished his 280th mile with only 1910 miles to go.

“Homeward” has put feet to his faith, and no doubt his efforts will make an eternal impact!

Would you consider encouraging me in this challenge of a lifetime by making a financial contribution to Lifesong for Orphans? 100% of your contribution to Lifesong would be used exclusively for adopting children. It would add additional purpose to my “walk in the woods” with my Heavenly Father while providing a “forever father and mother” to an orphan who is desperately in need.