With Thankful, Broken Hearts | India Update


Last month a group from the U.S. traveled to India to visit with the children of Santhi Nivas and Bethel Nivas, part of Lifesong India. Enjoy this report from Lifesong Program Director, Rich Metcalf–

Who takes almost 90 hours to travel over 20,000 miles to spend 3 sleep deprived nights in a foreign country where there will be no sight-seeing other than the travel itself? I’m sure you could (and might want to) answer that question in many different vaguely humorous ways! But the real answer: people ready to have their view of the world, their view of God, and their understanding of the blessings in their own lives challenged, expanded, and even exploded.  


What we witnessed was inspiring story after inspiring story of Christ-followers grateful to give of the little they had to bless others who had even less. The common theme of such genuine generosity was the understanding and acceptance of the redemptive love of Christ and of the frailty and brevity of life.  

God is at work through His people caring for hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children, bringing hope and a future through Gospel-centered care.  



We met children and young people who are finding hope, experiencing Gods love and having their present and futures transformed. We met pastors who live humbly in what we would call poverty, and yet share their lives with thankfulness and with great delight.  We were blessed to visit 3 of the 6 homes that Lifesong operates, meet all of the home managers, more than 70 pastors and Gospel workers, and dozens and dozens of beautiful, precious children. We saw God at work in His people and left with thankful, broken hearts.


We experienced a land filled with unfamiliar sights, smells and sounds, witnessed a spiritual need almost as great as the massive population, and gained a new respect for brothers and sisters who are serving sacrificially and for those who support them. If more Christians from the church in the west could visit, meet, and walk in the steps of Christians in India and countries like it, then our world would be changed for the better.


Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to Me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.’
–Matthew 19:14