“Our Adoption Is Saturated In God”

“God got us here, and He will see us through.”

These words ring through the mind of nearly every believer at some point in life. It’s confusing when God calls us to do things we’d never plan for ourselves. But, as is evident by the following testimony, when He sends us, He goes with us.

Adoption was not in “our” plan.

But as we all know, our lives are not our own. Adoption is one of the ways God has called our family to serve.

In early 2017, our family was asked to pray for a boy who would be aging out of the China adoption program.  As we prayed, the Lord worked on my hard and fearful heart. Finally, in June of 2017, I asked my husband to pray about whether we were supposed to be doing more than just praying for this little boy. The answer was a very loud, very clear YES.

And as we moved forward, God proved time after time that He intended for that little boy to be our son.

Less than a year later, in May 2018, God gave us our boy forever. And in September of that year, we celebrated his 14th birthday. This birthday marked when he would have no longer been eligible for adoption if the Lord had not led us to him.

There have been ups and downs that are expected with adoption–especially of an older child. But all in all the transition is going smoothly. We are all settling in to the new normal quite well. We still have a long way to go, but the progress over the last 3 months is something that only God can do.



Part of our hesitation to adopt was the funding. We in no way had planned or saved for such an expense. But Lifesong came alongside our family with the matching grant. We found that people were thrilled that their donation would be tax-deductible and gave very generously to our adoption fund though Lifesong. The matching grant helped generate a quarter of our adoption funds. It allowed us to move forward without fear of debt or inability to cover adoption costs.



Adoption is such a God thing. It is only because God adopted us into His family as His children that we are able to adopt. He has provided the right people, support, organizations, and funds every step of the way.

Our adoption is saturated in God, and I can honestly say that there isn’t a piece of it that God hasn’t touched.

Even before we started the process or knew we were adopting, God led us to a new church. And through that new church, we were led to our son. That church family has come alongside us in ways we could have never dreamed. God did all of it! And we are so very grateful that we can press into Him and call on His name. He is our rock in this adoption and in life.

– The Beck Family


The Beck family’s church displayed love and support which played a key role in their adoption. Does your church family have a similar heart for adoption and orphan care? We help churches like yours work to support adopting families and to reach orphans globally.