Give Until It Hurts

Mother Theresa famously said, “Give until it hurts.”

God is the ultimate giver, and He gave us the ultimate gift–adoption into His family. But this gift came at the ultimate cost–the death of His only Son.

In adoption, we truly find one of the greatest demonstrations of giving. It comes at a cost. It comes with broken pasts and the certainty of a more complicated future. But it’s worth it because God says it’s worth it.

The following family knows what it means to give until it hurts—their adoption expenses were double their savings. Read their amazing testimony of stepping into a hard situation with confidence that God would provide.

When we started the adoption process, we had about $12,000 in our savings account–the total cost would be over $30,000.

We didn’t know where we would get the rest of the money, but we trusted God.

Another family from our church had gone through the adoption process before us. They told us that God will take care of us because adoption is near to His heart. They told us which organizations helped them and recommended that we apply, too. One of those organizations was Lifesong.

Working with Lifesong was such a pleasant experience. Communicating with them was really easy, so we could get the needed information in great time. Compared to other organizations, we received the money from our matching grant very quickly. That was very important because we didn’t know the dates or price of our first trip to visit our daughter.



Time probably had the most significant impact on our journey. Lifesong was the first fund to approve our application and let us know about it. The day came when we emptied our savings account for the adoption process. We didn’t have any money left to continue the process.

On that day, we received the phone call from the Lifesong and found out that we were approved for a $3,500 matching grant. We didn’t receive the money right then, but we saw God’s hand in providing a way for us. He helped us at that moment when we couldn’t feel the ground beneath our feet.

I was a college student during the whole adoption process. All three of our trips fell during my last semester of college—not the best time from our human point of view. But God took care of the timing as well. Our first trip started during the first week of classes which is usually an easy week. The second trip fell during the spring break. The final and longest trip fell during the last week of classes. I was able to make arrangements with my professors and submitted all my assignments before we left. God took care of it all.

Money should never be the reason a child doesn’t have a family.

Adoption is an extreme calling. We exist to remove the financial burden from families so they can focus on what really matters. Through matching grants, interest-free loans, fundraising tools, and our crowdfunding platform, we help give children homes.

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