Something Needs to Change | David Platt

“Something needs to change!”

David Platt’s vulnerable new book, Something Needs to Change: A Call to Make Your Life Count in a World of Urgent Need takes you along on a journey through the Himalayan mountains where Platt witnesses urgent physical and spiritual need. He then wrestles with hard questions while clinging to the Truth of God’s Word.

If you’ve ever looked at life’s painful realities—such as 153 million orphans—and said, “Something needs to change!” then this book is for you.

Here are 5 quotes from the book to get you started—


1. [Jesus tells His disciples] to live for long-term treasure they can never lose, not short-term treasure they can never keep. Jesus is calling his followers to gain as much ultimate treasure as possible. (page 128, 129)

2. If I’m truly a Christian, I’m expected to die to my life and my plans in order to follow Jesus wherever he leads me. And if I’m following him, then inevitably he’s going to lead me to people who don’t yet know his love, and inevitably he’s going to lead me to those who are in urgent need of his provision. And, inevitably, that is going to be costly for me. 
(page 147)

3. God has a universe to run, galaxies to uphold, governments to rule, and more than 7 billion people to sustain. Yet the Bible doesn’t say that heaven rejoices over these cosmic mysteries and universal realities. Instead, something special happens in heaven when one person who was separated from God in sin is restored to God in love. (page 164)

4. [Lost people] don’t need me, and other Christians, living as if somebody somewhere will do something someday about their urgent spiritual and physical needs. (page 189)

5. God has you where you are for a reason. You are not in your city or community by accident. You are in your job, your school, your neighborhood, or your apartment complex with the gifts, skills, abilities, and resources you possess by divine design. God has sovereignly given you unique opportunities for the spread of gospel hope in the world around you. (page 196)

In the words of David Platt, let’s “be people who are fearlessly holding on to God’s Word while selflessly sacrificing to share and show God’s love amid urgent needs in our world.”