How to Hold a Family Together | Amy’s Story

In recent years, millions of migrant workers from Cambodia have poured into Thailand.

Today, Thailand is home to 4 million immigrants who are desperately searching for work. One place many men and women find work is on construction sites, working on one job and then moving to work on another. Often moving their family multiple times. Living and working in these conditions leaves men, women, and children extremely vulnerable to exploitation.

Each day, they face the threats of trafficking or slavery, severe malnutrition, and crippling poverty. And because of this, many have no choice but to eventually abandon their children.

As 15-year-old Amy shares in this video, prayer and support from people like you are the reason that families—like hers—can stay together and find hope and a future.

Take a look—

Finding Amy

Amy’s parents are migrant workers who came to Thailand from Cambodia to find work on construction sites. They arrived with no job, three kids, and very little money. With Amy and her younger brother and sister, they move from camp to camp, accepting whatever jobs they find.

According to Reuters

“Besides physical abuse and limited access to healthcare and education, the 60,000 or more migrant children living in construction site camps are particularly vulnerable to child labor.”

In 2015, members of our team found Amy wandering around a construction site and invited her to join other children of construction workers to learn valuable skills and be taught songs and stories about Jesus.

She agreed. Though at first she was very shy and unable to speak much Thai.

Today—nearly five years later—Amy is thriving as a leader among her peers. She has grown academically and spiritually. She is now a confident young lady who translates during evening worship services for Cambodian workers who come to hear the Gospel.

“Before I knew God, I wanted to be a supermodel … Now that I know Christ, I want to be missionary who travels around the world and proclaims how God is good and how He has changed my life.”

Amy with her younger brother and sister in Thailand

.Teaching Children, Changing Futures

We believe God intended every child to grow up in a safe and loving Christian family. So with indigenous church leaders—and through your prayer and support—we reach families like Amy’s with holistic care, education, and Gospel-centered discipleship.

Additionally, we’re offering hope to impoverished Thai and Cambodian children—especially in remote and unreached areas—to help change their future. Because children of migrant workers often don’t have access to formal education, our team provides opportunities within our learning center. We teach a range of academic subjects, including reading and writing in both English and Thai, art, math, music, and computer skills.

We also offer physical education and health and hygiene initiatives. Students also develop life skills like cooking, gardening, and communication.

This support enables families to stay together, leading to family preservation and ultimately, orphan prevention.


Amy translates for a woman during a Thai worship service

Amy’s family is one example of what happens when entire families are reached with the Gospel and the love of Christ. Statistics say nearly a third of children living on construction sites start working before reaching the legal age. And as many as 90% of children living on construction sites suffer some form of physical violence. 40% of mothers face abuse or violence as well.

But people like you didn’t let Amy’s family become a statistic. God is working through caring supporters to bless and strengthen this family in wonderful ways. They have found great comfort and belonging with local believers who encourage them to keep going.

In return, Amy now uses her life and skills to serve others and hopes to continue serving God with her life.

Stories like hers are being written every day.

In Amy’s words—

“God is good, and He has changed my life. I now believe God will provide, because with God, anything is possible!”

Together, let’s reach more kids and families in Thailand for the glory of God.


Reach a family in Thailand with the Gospel.