How Reaching Orphans Begins with You

Friend, reaching orphans begins with you.

To be sure, caring for orphans, meeting the needs of the vulnerable, and finding families for the fatherless is first and foremost God’s work. He initiates and He sustains. But God often accomplishes this work through people like you.

Whether you adopt, care, or give, you have a unique, God-given role to play in caring for orphans. We know this because we see it in action every day.

Since 2002, over 9,000 orphans have become sons and daughters with help from Lifesong adoption financial support. Each day, our in-country teams meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of over 16,000 orphaned and vulnerable children in 13 countries. And Lifesong sustainable businesses have created hundreds of jobs to break the orphan and poverty cycles.

All of this Gospel-centered care is fueled by people like you.  

Here in the office, our team put together some Stories of Redemption. In it, you’ll read about some of the many lives people like you have touched. Each story begins with brokenness… but each ends with God’s grace. Take a look inside… 



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Give to reach orphans with Gospel-centered care.

Though this year has been filled with unpredicted challenges and unrest, God’s faithfulness has been on display. He has given us the grace to provide for every child in our care and to reach even more children and families with the Good News of Jesus. If God has done this much in 2020, imagine what He can do through your giving in the year to come. 

Would you join God’s work of caring for the orphaned and vulnerable by giving a gift today? 100% of your gift…

Now through December 31, 2020, your gift to Lifesong is matched up to $1,200,000—meaning your impact goes twice as far. And thanks to TMG Foundation and key partners, all of our fundraising and administrative costs are covered, so 100% of your gift to Lifesong goes straight to caring for children in need.