Side by Side in Business & Ministry

Meet Vitaly and Vania.

They were very young when social services removed them from their home and placed them in the orphanage where our staff first met them.

The older of the two brothers, Vitaly was the first to graduate from the orphanage. And like most young adults who age out of the system in Ukraine, he struggled on his own. But Lifesong staff continued reaching out to him, until one day, everything changed.

Vitaly gave his life to Jesus and moved into a Lifesong transition home. And soon after, Vania did the same.

Vitaly and Vania are the rare exceptions to a common, persisting problem.

All around the world, children age out of foster systems and orphanages with little to no support as they enter the next phase of life. Suddenly out on own their own, they’re expected to find a good job, a safe home, and healthy relationships—things they may have never even seen before. Instead, graduates leave the orphanage struggling to find jobs or cultivate healthy relationships, ultimately perpetuating the orphan cycle.

But your support creates a solution.

By creating meaningful jobs through sustainable businesses—like Lifesong Farms—orphan grads, including Vitaly and Vania, learn employable skills and earn an honest income in a Christian workplace. Our farms employ over 280 orphan grads and caregivers in Uganda, Ukraine, and Zambia, impacting thousands of lives while also generating revenue to sustain their local ministries.

Vitaly harvests berries in the tunnels in Ukraine.

Today, Vitaly and Vania are leaders on the farm team in Ukraine. Once unsure how they would survive, these brothers are now joyfully working side-by-side for God’s glory.

Now Vitaly proudly shares—

“I have a family, good friends, and a great job at Lifesong Farms… this is more than I ever expected to have!”

Praise God, through farms in both Ukraine and Zambia, stories like theirs are being written every day. By employing orphan graduates and caregivers, Lifesong Farms seeks to create jobs, support local communities and ministries, and prevent orphans.

In Ukraine…

the farm is 100% run by orphanage graduates, making an impact on their lives and those of other orphaned children. The profits from the farm go back to support the local ministry. Today, the farm produces strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries through hydroponics–a modern irrigation method. The farm’s success has even taken team leaders across the ocean to Zambia, where they helped start and optimize additional farming operations.

Lifesong Farms
Farm employees in Ukraine harvest berries in the tunnels, where produce is grown using hydroponics.

In Zambia…

the farm has expanded significantly since its creation in 2011. By employing orphan caregivers and vulnerable adults, the ministry is helping preserve families through job creation. With the guidance of farm leaders from Ukraine, a hydroponics system has been installed, considerably increasing the number of strawberries, gooseberries, and raspberries produced. Over 1,000 lbs. of produce is gathered each week, and that amount increases by 5-10% weekly.

Denys, a farm leader from Ukraine, helps train staff at Lifesong Farms Zambia.

With the success of Lifesong Farms in Ukraine and Zambia, new farms are being started across other countries.

In Uganda…

the farm is in its infancy, but it’s quickly maturing. It holds the potential to have an extremely positive impact, not only on the ministry but also on the community at large!

William and Vitalli prune plants in the tunnels.

It’s clear that big things are on the horizon for Lifesong Farms! From impacting individuals like Vitaly and Vania to transforming communities around the world, would you consider partnering with us to keep up with the God-given growth?