No Coincidences with God (An Adoption Miracle!)

The following family brought their son home from India in 2018 with help from a Lifesong matching grant. They recently sent a thank you note our way, along with an amazing account of God’s faithfulness. In their words…


We were emotionally exhausted when we applied to Lifesong.

Three years into the process of our second international adoption, we were beginning to feel that we might never see it come to fruition.

The financial support granted to us by Lifesong gave us the encouragement to push forward and complete the process.

Our little boy is home and we are so grateful to friends, family, and Lifesong for the role they played in the journey!

The way that Lifesong offered support—through a matching grant and a Both Hands project—did so much more than just pay the bills. Our community was rallied in a way that we needed in order to have the emotional strength to endure the journey.



Our adoption turned the corner in December of 2016.

I heard our 7-year-old son sobbing in his room one night. Normally joyful and exuberant to the extreme, this was completely out of character for him.

When I asked him what was wrong, he choked out the words, “I just need my baby brother!”

We had been on Ethiopia’s waiting families list for nearly three years at this time. We had the option to transfer our efforts to India, but we had been hesitant to do so, thinking it was important for our Ethiopian daughter to have a sibling from “her” country.

The intense sadness from our 7-year-old brought on a family meeting. We asked our son and daughters what they thought of switching our adoption efforts from Ethiopia to India. Without hesitation, they replied, “We just want a baby brother; we don’t care where he’s from!”

How clear the decision was then!

Months later, when we were matched with our son, we learned that, ill and malnourished, he had been relinquished to the hospital for treatment in December of 2016—the same month our 7-year-old cried out to God for his baby brother.

How blessed we are by the knowledge that the Lord guides our lives constantly, not leaving anything to coincidence or chance!

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life.
Proverbs 13:12


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Photo credit to Mosey Photography