When God Uses Infertility To Grow A Family

On the last full week of April, just a few weeks before Mother’s Day, families across the United States observe National Infertility Awareness Week.

And while infertility is not a prerequisite for adoption, it is a circumstance God often uses to bring an orphan into a loving family.

Meet 4 families who walked through infertility, only to be led to their future son or daughter.


The Wiley Family

“In the beginning, adoption felt like Plan B. It felt like it was going to be just a consolation prize.

But then God connected me  with a woman named Grace who adopted two of her children… She shared with me a vision that God had given her. He told her that He purposefully closes the wombs of some of His chosen ones so that they will adopt and rescue His lost children.

When she said those words, I knew God was speaking to me. He did close my womb, but He had a purpose for me and had chosen me for something special. Suddenly, adoption didn’t sound like Plan B anymore to me. It was God’s plan all along for my family.”

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The Kelly Family

“One night, I read through my journal that I had kept through the whole adoption process. I wrote about a miscarriage we had, and I noticed that authorities found our son and took him into care on the exact same day we experienced the miscarriage.

It was a total beauty from ashes moment. God took that miscarriage and, in its place, brought us a new life. That confirmed all the more that he was meant to be our son, and we were completely comfortable moving forward from then on.” 

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The Baldwin Family

“Years went by and countless dollars were spent. But my husband, Richardo, and I still hadn’t been able to have any biological children. I’m blessed to have one biological daughter. But I deeply desired to have a baby with my husband and to expand our family.

As I healed from the bitterness and depression of infertility, my family began exploring foster care. We registered with an agency that allowed us to foster to adopt and quickly discovered a love for kids in the system. After the joy we found during our first placement, we knew adoption was an option.”

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The Napier Family

“After walking the path of infertility and learning what it means to have God be enough (which we never stop learning), the idea of adopting from India came up…

Out of 20,000,000+ orphaned and abandoned children, God was leading us to one specific little girl.”

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