How Does an Adoption Matching Grant Work?

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To some families, applying for adoption grants and loans seems like just another piece of paperwork that may or may not work in their favor. But the families we’ve worked with have found it’s one of the most important pieces of the fundraising process!

Let’s take a look at the matching grant process through the eyes of one family we served. Their recent testimony—written by mom Lindsay—takes us through their fundraising journey, from applying to being fully funded!

The Application

“I greatly appreciate that Lifesong continually reviews adoption grant applications. I understand why some organizations have an application review schedule (quarterly, bi-annually, etc.), but Lifesong’s constant review of applications makes it stick out as one of the premier adoption grant organizations. This alone has led me to recommend Lifesong to other adoptive families.”

Lifesong is always accepting Adoption Financial Assistance Applications! Families can plan on hearing from us four to six weeks after we receive their application,  depending on the number we’re reviewing. Our application process is thorough but very straightforward.

Take a look at our application criteria here.

The Call

“The grants we received showed up exactly when we needed them. For instance, literally within five minutes of receiving one of our major program installment bills, we also received notification that we’d been given a grant. God’s timing is always perfect and this was another example of that.”

Once an application decision has been made, our team reaches out to the family via email or phone call. We often find that God brings families into our path at just the right time!

See just one example of God’s perfect timing.

The Grant

“Lifesong provided us with a matching grant through Chosen & Dearly Loved. This grant didn’t just provide funding, it also provided refreshment for our weary souls. The adoption process is exhausting, as so many families can attest. It was through this grant that we received encouragement that was definitely needed and greatly appreciated.”

Once an application is approved, we may first check to see if there are any Lifesong adoption fund partners in the applicant’s area that would be interested in offering support. (It’s always ideal for local churches to directly support families in their communities if that’s possible!) If so, we connect the church to the family. But if not, a grant is given directly from Lifesong if funds are available.

Praise God, over 9,500 children have come home with support from Lifesong and our partners! 

The Ask

“Receiving a matching grant through Lifesong made for an easy fundraising ‘ask.’ We had a donor that had expressed some interest in supporting our adoption but hadn’t decided how much support they wanted to provide. When I told them that we’d received a matching grant, they graciously offered to donate the entire amount. I’m not sure how much they would’ve donated otherwise, but having this partnership was a huge motivation.”

Many families we work with discover just how impactful a matching grant can be. Friends, family, and even acquaintances are often more motivated to give when they discover their dollars go even farther. This allows matching grants to act as a catalyst, helping families raise far more than the minimum value of their match.

In fact, in the first six months of 2021, Lifesong families combined raised an additional $2,691,375 beyond the value of their matching grant! 

Thank you for what you do to connect adoptive families with both financial and spiritual support. The spiritual blessings we received through working with Lifesong were hugely helpful and greatly appreciated.

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