News From Ukraine: Wednesday, April 6

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Relief, evacuation, refugee care.

These three needs have quickly become the top priorities of our team in Ukraine.

As always, orphaned and vulnerable children remain at the center of our ministry. And praise God, all of the children in orphanages, young adults in our transition programs, and those involved in our ministry are safe.

So our focus is necessarily on the most vulnerable in Ukraine right now—single mothers with children, people with special needs, the elderly, and Ukrainian refugees.

Watch a brief update from Denis, director of Lifesong Ukraine, about how—with your support—our team is meeting needs:

In Ukraine…

… our team is diligently delivering relief throughout Chernigov and Kharkiv.

In Kharkiv, our team has three relief sites throughout the city as well as a safe camp in a more rural area. Many come directly to our centers to pick up food and supplies, but our team also delivers relief directly to homes of more vulnerable and less mobile people. Our team has received 1,500 (and counting) requests for home delivery of food and medication.

Our team in Kharkiv explains the relief distribution process at our distribution center. Top header image: People gather around our center and form a line to receive relief.
Those who come to the distribution center are given a slip of paper to mark which resources they need—foods, medications, household supplies, toiletries, and so on.
Team members package food for delivery.

Praise God, Chernigov hasn’t seen significant escalations in the past few days. However, more and more Russian troops are taking their position outside of Kharkiv.

But the people of Ukraine remain strong in solidarity. Our team reports that city workers are planting flowers in the city center. Shops and small businesses are reopening business as usual. While this may seem illogical, it’s further proof that Ukraine has hope and confidence in its future.

Still, our team continues evacuating any who are able. On Monday, six vans brought 60 people from eastern Ukraine to safer shelters in western Ukraine.

In Poland…

… we’re caring for Ukrainian refugees across three different facilities, including a camp in Warsaw (where 150-180 individuals are served daily), a center in Eastern Poland (where over 400 individuals are served daily), and smaller houses throughout Warsaw (where 20-30 individuals are served daily).

None of this would be possible without our incredible church partners whom God brought into our path long before this war began. Such beautiful evidence of God’s provision!

Denis (director of Lifesong Ukraine), two friends from our church partner in Poland, Sveyta, Sasha, and their son, Vania, stand outside one of the refugee care facilities in Poland.

Since beginning to serve in Poland, our team has directly impacted 2,000 people. And through our network of partnerships, over 10,000 people have been impacted.

The three priorities of our team in Poland—

First, meeting refugees at the border.
It’s our first priority to ensure each refugee crossing the border has food, medical care, and transportation to a safe place to stay.

Second, helping refugees settle and make decisions for their future.
Once refugees catch their breath in a safe place, they need to decide where to settle long-term. We help them understand their options and determine a goal: either building a life in Poland or another European country, or returning to Ukraine.

“When they first cross the border, they’re happy to be somewhere safe. But on the other hand, they’re afraid about what their future holds.”Sveyta Serving Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

Sveyta Serving Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

Third, helping refugees who plan to remain in Poland begin integrating into society.
It’s important to establish deep, meaningful integration for those choosing to stay in Poland long-term. From language and culture classes to a church family to job skill training, our long-term goal is to create centers where refugees can feel safe and welcomed while they adjust to a completely new home and society.

Please pray for Ukraine and specifically:

  • For peace in Ukraine and the war to end.
  • For friends of the Lifesong team whose home is under Russian occupation.
  • That God would raise up people in Poland to care for the hearts and souls of refugees, not just their physical needs.
  • For all driving across Ukraine (either evacuating civilians or delivering relief materials) to make the trip safely.
  • That God’s name would be lifted high through every conversation and interaction with our team.

Thanks to TMG Foundation and key partners, all of our fundraising and administrative costs are covered. 100% of your gift will directly support vulnerable children and families in Ukraine.

See the complete archive of news, updates, and prayer requests from Lifesong Ukraine here.

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Thanks to TMG Foundation and key partners, all of our fundraising and administrative costs are covered. 100% of your gift will directly support vulnerable children and families in Ukraine.