Make More Than Enough a Reality Where You Live

From Not Enough…

The words “not enough” are heard every day inside of our nation’s foster care system…

Not enough resources.
Not enough support.
Not enough families.

Thankfully, churches, organizations, and advocates like you are working tirelessly to serve children and families.

But moving from “not enough” to “more than enough” feels out of reach. Navigating the foster care system, coordinating your efforts, and expanding your work to meet these needs takes people, time, and funding—resources that already feel stretched thin.

It doesn’t have to be this way.




…to More Than Enough

May is National Foster Care Month, and this year we’re telling a different story about foster care. Yes, there are challenges. Yes, too often children and families hear “not enough.”

But that can change.

Lifesong is part of a community called More Than Enough. It is a community united by our faith and committed to helping churches care for children and families in foster care. Together, we are determined to achieve a shared vision of more than enough for children and families before, during, and beyond foster care in every county in the country.

We have a shared strategy to provide more than enough loving homes for every child in foster care—including foster, adoptive, kinship, and supported biological families.

Drawing on tools and practices that are serving children and families well across the US, we meet the specific needs within our communities. We believe that local networks of passionate churches, organizations, and advocates working together can fill the biggest gaps in caring for children and families in every one of the 3,142 counties in the US.

Together, we are determined to provide more than enough:


Make more than enough a reality where you live.

More Than Enough is facilitated by the Christian Alliance for Orphans, which supports the Community to multiply on-the-ground care for children and families. When you join the More Than Enough Community, you will find the support you need to:

To get started, visit to learn more about how you can mobilize your community to care for children and families in foster care.


County by county, state by state, we’ll reach more than enough together.