One Family’s Journey Adopting a Child with Special Needs

According to the National Adoption Center,

there are about 134,000 children with “special needs” in the U.S. awaiting permanent homes. This simply means that the need for adoptive families to welcome children with special needs is growing more and more.

With their love for children and care for special needs, adoptive mom Heather shares the story of her family’s adoption journey.


In Her Words…

With a medically fragile child in our home and four kids already, we always wondered how we’d be able to handle it when the Lord asked us to go to our next child.

Our adoption agency contacted us in October of 2020 as they knew we would be willing to adopt children with medical or other special situations because we had adopted a medically fragile baby with them a few years prior.

We were able to update our paperwork, and with faith, the process began.

On a Friday night in February, we got a call that a baby with needs was born. They asked us to be there the next day.

We met her the next day—exactly four years to the day of our other little girl, further showing us God’s love and sovereignty in placing her in our care.

She is our little joy and such an amazing gift of love from God.

As God had preordained, our children were graciously being watched by a homeschool family we met years prior to us living in the same town. This allowed us to spend hours each day at the hospital visiting our little Carrie Hope.


The Double Blessing of Lifesong

Having to share our needs for assistance was difficult, but in a way, it was also very humbling. Yet we knew how important it was for God’s people to understand the high cost involved in a calling such as this.

We reached out to Lifesong and were graciously given a matching grant to help.

Lifesong’s matching grant program is a double blessing because it allows family and friends to get involved in the process and to see God provide. Each time we’ve adopted God has uniquely used so many people to play a small but important part in our children’s stories.

Our family has been blessed by Lifesong through several domestic and international adoptions. Living on a ministry salary, we would have missed the opportunity to share the love of God through adopting our children with the help of grants, the love, and provision through God’s people. We especially appreciated the ability to check online and find out about contributions, which was so helpful!


On behalf of the Hanna family, thank you for supporting adoption—your support is what helps brings families like this together!


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