God’s Plan B? | A Letter From One of Our Adoptive Families

We love hearing from adoptive families we’ve served through adoption and post-adoption funding.

It’s a beautiful reminder of the profound impact your generous support can have on lives.

This letter from Ron and Alexxis is no exception.

Take a look—

Dear Lifesong family,

Almost 16 years ago, you helped us adopt our oldest daughter with a matching grant and the ability to have our friends and family contribute to her adoption with tax-deductible contributions.

Nine months later, you helped us adopt our second daughter.

Both were domestic adoptions. Both birthmothers wanted their daughters to be raised in families with a mother and a father. They are both open adoptions, and we have ongoing relationships with their birthmothers and their families.

When our second daughter was one year old,

we became pregnant with our third daughter, and our young family grew quickly.

Now we have three lovely teenage daughters.

We used to believe adoption was “God’s Plan B”—that when things didn’t turn out as He had planned, He would implement an alternate plan.

“We now believe God intended for our daughters to be part of our family. Their adoptions are not a backup plan.”

There isn’t a doubt in our minds. We see His guiding hand in both of their lives and their birthmothers’ lives since the adoption.


our daughters have experienced the many feelings that come with being adopted. And we have done our best to help them process.

One daughter has reached a place of acceptance and peace with her adoption. One is still wrestling with it. Both are deeply loved.

We know God has His hand on their lives.

So, thank you.

Lots of love,

Ron and Alexxis

Whether you are one of our cherished adoptive families or you’re considering beginning the adoption journey, we’d love to hear from you. Your story matters, and we’re here to listen and support you every step of the way.

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