Her Brother Carried Her to School Every Day. Now She’s About to Graduate.

Veronica’s chances of graduating from school were slim.

Only 27% of girls complete upper secondary school in Zambia; among the most economically poor children in Zambia, this number falls to only 3%. This was Veronica’s story.

During the day, Veronica’s mother did piecework—odd jobs in the community—to help provide for the family, while Veronica’s older brother Ezron attended school at Lifesong.

This left 5-year-old Veronica at home on a compound where addictions and abuse are common, resulting in many unsafe living conditions.

“I would remain home alone, crying because there was no one to take care of me.”

But then Ezron did something that would change Veronica’s story. He began bringing her with him to school.

This small act to protect his sister made an incredible impact on the trajectory of Veronica’s life. Watch as she shares how coming to Lifesong helped to shape her faith in Jesus—

“My brother Ezron was looking out for me, protecting me.”

In Zambia, 60% of people live below the poverty line.

Also, in Zambia, 29% of girls are married before age 18, and 5% before age 15.

Ezron wanted a better life for his sister.

Ezron carried Veronica on his back every day to school.

So every day, Ezron carried Veronica on his back over the long, dusty roads to school. Veronica would sit outside the classroom while Ezron was in class. Then, when class ended, Ezron would carry Veronica back home.

When a teacher asked Ezron why he always brought his sister with him, Ezron explained the situation at home, including the lack of food. He said, “I want Veronica to be learning with me here.”

So the teacher met with Veronica and Ezron’s mother and learned that things were difficult at home. And since the school was new and just getting started, there was still room for more children. So Veronica was invited to become a student.

In addition to their education, the students at Lifesong School receive two meals daily, as well as medical care and discipleship.

“Lifesong showed me love. They showed me care. And I’m really grateful.”

Veronica’s story took another took another turn when Veronica entered Grade 7 and chose to enter the boarding program where our older students live on campus in Student Life Homes. In this family-style environment, the students have structured spiritual time, academic support, and household responsibilities all while observing how Christian families interact.

Each of our students is taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ by Christian houseparents through one-on-one and group mentorship and discipleship. 

Older students are invited to board on campus

With your help and the help of dedicated teachers and staff, school in Zambia is one way we’re working to break the cycle of poverty. Without this education, many of the students—the girls in particular—would be unlikely to complete primary school, receive any post-secondary-school education, or receive vocational training for employment.

The students develop rich relationships with peers and staff

In addition to a quality education at no cost to the children, our pledge is that every student we serve will—

Be taught the Gospel and how to live as a follower of Jesus Christ

Not want for food, clothing, medical care, or shelter

Receive a quality education to provide a foundation for their future

Experience continued love and support while transitioning into adult living

“Our Children” Will:

Be taught the Gospel and how to live as a follower of Jesus Christ

Not want for food, clothing, medical care, or shelter

Receive a quality education to provide a foundation for their future

Experience continued love and support while transitioning into adult living

It’s important for students to receive a good education in a safe environment from teachers and staff who love them so they can go on in life to higher schooling and sustainable employment.

Our students in Zambia are shown the love of Christ and are given the tools to learn and love the Gospel for themselves. When they graduate from Lifesong School in Zambia, they’re equipped to be leaders in their homes, churches, and communities.

Veronica’s life has been changed by going to school in Zambia

“My mentor took us to church, and one Sunday, I was convinced that I needed Christ in my life.”

Following the service, Veronica asked the pastor to explain the Gospel. Together, they talked about what it means to follow Christ, and Veronica chose to place her faith and trust in Him.

Today, Veronica is continuing to grow in her Christian life. She’s excited to study her Bible and share what she’s learning.

Veronica with her mentor

“I really want to know more about Him and follow Him, know more about His Word, know more about how I should be doing things that please Him.”

Veronica is on track to graduate next year from secondary school in Zambia. After graduation, she hopes to work in a hospital, caring for sick patients and sharing the love of Christ.

Veronica and her brother Ezron today

“When I finish school, I would like to bless others just like I’ve been blessed myself by life. Teachers and this staff members from Lifesong have seen potential in me. It’s not everybody who gets to have this opportunity.

“God protected me from a lot of bad things. I thank God for making me part of Lifesong…and for giving me a family.”

“I only see God’s work and purpose for my life and the greater plans that He has for me. Because if it’s not for Him, I couldn’t even been able to be here. I couldn’t. I could have been in the streets, maybe just in the compound, driven around aimlessly. But I’m here today because of God’s plan.” 

Your Place in Veronica’s Story

Your ongoing partnership has enabled our team in Zambia to provide holistic, Gospel-centered care, food, and education to students since 2007.

The needs of the children in Zambia are big, but thankfully we serve a big God Who is able to meet every one. And more than that, He delights in the restoration, redemption, and flourishing of every child in Zambia.

Reach orphaned & vulnerable children
with Gospel-centered care.